URLgenius App Deep Linking
Business cases
URLgenius is the app deep linking platform designed for marketers. URLgenius lets you create a link that can open an app from any marketing channel including ManyChat workflows. This app lets you create an app deep link without leaving the ManyChat platform. The link is stored in your URLgenius account where you can access the settings and analytics for your links.
Use this app when you need to link to a social app or brand app from your ManyChat workflow. Some popular uses cases include:

  • Linking to a storefront or product page in the Amazon app
  • Linking to a channel or video in the YouTube app
  • Linking to a Facebook profile or a Facebook Group
  • Linking to Instagram profile, picture, or IGTV video

URLgenius supports app deep linking to any app. If you don't see your app on the list of supported apps just ask the URLgenius team to add your app to the platform. See the list of supported apps on the URLgenius homepage
  • The first 500 clicks are free then the price is 1 cent per click
  • The trial period is available
  • Contact developer to know more
How to set up the app
  1. You need a URLgenius account to use this app.
  2. Sign up to URLgenius
  3. When you install this app, you will be asked for your URLgenius API Key
  4. You can find your API Key in the settings for your URLgenius account
  5. Install the app and enter the API key in the field provided
About URLgenius
Application reviewed by ManyChat
Before publishing app, ManyChat Review Team makes sure that:

  1. The app can be installed via installation link
  2. App settings capture enough information to make the app work
  3. All app actions are accessible inside flow builder
  4. App actions work in accordance with their title and description
  5. The app doesn't capture unnecessary data
  6. All external sources that impact the app's actions performance are configured properly
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